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I am sorry that my review rate has been slower than normal. I have right now like 9 books on my shelf, and ive read like half of each of them! The reviews WILL be coming. Thank you for your patience. ~ Nathan
Hey Guys! Sorry about not keeping up with the website and posting updates and that kind of stuff. We Have a few new books that we'll be adding this coming February. Two of them are "Skeleton Key" and "Flutter". I am very excited to write a review about these books because I've heard they're really good! Thanks for your patients.~ Nathan&Team  

Happy New Year!

Happy New year to you all! This year we'll be adding more new books as usual. But Something new we would like to do is to have you guys give us some book ideas. Please comment, or email to give us some advice if you'd like to. ~ Thanks again! Nathan & Team


Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas!! Wonderful time of year. Merry Christmas to all readers (and i guess Santa likes non-readers too anyway hah) Merry Christmas. Thanks -Nathan & Team. (P.S. I know this is a book review website but, Jeremy Camp's new Christmas album is out; fresh from the studio. It is a PHENOMENON!! Check it out here:  http://jeremycamp.com/)
I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season, as am I. We will soon be adding some new books, and I hope you'll like them. Here is a glimpse of the books I'll be posting soon David Crocket: by Himself and Johnny Tremain: by Esther Forbes. Thank you for your patients! ~ Nathan and Team
Wow it's the first of December! Christmas is coming fast and I wanted to post a reminder about the advent books that should start today.  Hope you all enjoy them, happy holidays! ~ Nathan and Team 
Since the holiday season is here, I wanted to post some books that are really good to read around Christmas time.

    Bartholomew's Passage:By Arnold Ytreeide. Is a thrilling story about a little boys journey on his way trying to find his family after Roman soldiers attacked their village, leaving Bartholomew behind.  This is a great advent story with cliffhangers and plenty of adventure. Two other advent books that are written by the same author are Tabitha's Travels and Jotham's Journey. They are excellent to read as well .   ~Nathan & Team
Hey guys! We have a new book that we just added called "The Giver: By Lios Lowry" hope you like it. Happy holidays! ~ Nathan & Team
Hey Guys! Sorry for not keeping things updated lately. We are very interested to hear what books you all like to read so please leave a comment or just email us. We have some new books that we'll be adding soon; A one of them is  The Giver : by Lois Lowry. Thanks Nathan & Team